Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains the data, including personal data, on employee mobile devices used for business purposes that Eden Healthcare Management, LLC (“Eden”) collects or has access to and for what purposes.

Eden uses a variety of mobile based software platforms to perform company operations and deliver services efficiently to those under our care.

Our mobile device management software (Microsoft Company Portal app) will give individuals the ability to download and install company applications as they choose. Company applications and personal applications are completely separate. Applications such as Microsoft Outlook and Teams provide the ability to communicate securely while being fully separate from the personal side of the device. However, currently running applications will use battery life and cellular data if applicable. If you do not want to incur such usage, fully close the application.

To protect your privacy, there are limitations on what information is visible to the Eden IT Team on your mobile device. The following information is visible form our Mobile Device Management software:

• Device owner
• Device name
• Device serial number
• Device model, such as Google Pixel
• Device manufacturer, such as Microsoft
• Operating system and version, such as iOS 12.0.1
• Device IMEI
• On personal devices, your organization can only see your managed app inventory, which includes work and school apps.

Your organization cannot see:

• Calling and web browsing history
• Email and text messages
• Contacts
• Calendar
• Passwords
• Pictures, including what’s in the photos app or camera roll
• Files
• Additionally, on corporate-owned Android devices with a work profile
• Apps and data in your personal profile
• Phone number

The Eden IT team only uses the above information internally for troubleshooting purposes or aggregated device reports.

If you have any questions about your personal privacy as it relates to company software programs installed on employee mobile devices that are used for business purposes, please contact the Eden Human Resources Department.

For more information about your privacy rights, please read the Microsoft Privacy Statement available online at View or download this Eden Health Policy Statement here.