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Certified Great Place to Work

Great Place to Work Certification leverages 30 years of research to quantify the current state of your workplace culture and show you how it compares to the best in the world. The certification process gathers and evaluates employee feedback and recognizes companies who have built high-trust, high-performance company cultures.

We are proud to have all Eden Health locations receive this certification, 4 years in a row!!

Best of Home Care Provider of Choice

Agencies with the highest quality receive the Best of Home Care Award from Home Care Pulse®, the leading quality assurance firm for home care. This award is based on client satisfaction scores from several categories, including Compassion, Work Ethic, Communication, and Training. These award-winning agencies have proven that they provide the highest level of quality, professionalism, and expertise in home care.

Best of Home Care Employer of Choice

Recognition as an Employer of Choice means we set the highest standard for caregiver satisfaction. Our satisfaction scores rank in the top percentile nationally across all categories. These scores are based on monthly third-party phone interviews with the agency’s clients and caregivers, conducted by Home Care Pulse. As a recipient of a Best of Home Care Employer of Choice award, you can have confidence that our caregivers will be happy to serve you.

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Laurie Lukens

General Manager


Laurie Lukens

General Manager

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What are our clients are saying about us?

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John Rowan May 2022

It helps to have someone to care [for my Dad] and become part of our family.

Glen Gibbons June 2022

I like how professional the caregivers are, they make life a lot easier. The caregiver [does] everything I ask without complaints. They are available when I need them and able to make changes when I needed them to. I appreciate my caregiver's responsiveness and willingness to do more.

John Krebbs June 2022

I have good service because the caregivers do what I ask of them. I feel comfortable knowing that they are here to watch and take care of [my Dad]. They help around the house such as doing his laundry and cleaning around the house. They answer any question that I have right away and whenever I have a problem, they always satisfy my needs.

Lois Johnson May 2022

I like that the Agency makes a real strong effort to make sure we are taken care of. The caregiver shows up on time and meets my Mom's needs.

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